Nuts for Trader Joe’s

As someone who’s been kicked out of countless grocery stores, camera in hand, I especially enjoyed the contraband video that Carl Willat, a San Francisco-based animation director, recorded with his humble Treo. Although the chain has stopped carrying some of my favorite products — oh sweet, spicy ginger gelato, where did you go?! — I still stop by their SoMa store before any major baking session. Nuts and dried fruit for me, unpasteurized orange juice and onion rye bread for my husband.

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Meat Cookies


Breaking two cardinal rules in my kitchen—versatility and real-world functionality—my favorite new toy is silly, beautiful, and fun. It can only do one thing: make cookies in the shape of an obscure cut of lamb. A while back, while checking out the display cases at the excellent little butcher shop, Avendano’s, my friends spotted a batch of hand-crafted, limited-edition, copper cookie cutters. For some reason, they thought of me.

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Joke Gift Box for “Foodies”

Salt-of-the-Month Club

When I was a kid, my mom found an old box that was just about the size of a Barbie display box, stuffed it with thermal underwear, and then sealed it inside Christmas wrapping paper. My mom watched me shake that box ten times a day for two weeks. Peeling back the shiny foil to see plain cardboard and then pulling out itchy long johns forged one of those childhood experiences that’s never forgotten. Ever.

Now you can play an equally fun trick on a loved one in your life. From America’s Finest News Source comes this gotcha giftbox, perfect for folks who alphabetize their spices or drop words like mise en place, Chez Panisse, and detrimental coffee taste sensations into daily conversation.

I’m sure it works well on parents, too. I can’t wait to see my mom’s face on Christmas morning.